Fairy Safenja Companion Schleich Figurine

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Fairy Safenja Companion Schleich Figurine

Safenja is an enchantress and astronomer. She spends a lot of time in the astrarium gazing at the stars and learning all there is to know about their magical powers. She has befriended a little cloud squirrel.
Fun Fact: Safenja sometimes invents and makes amazing tools and devices.
Functions: Elf with moving arm!
Content: 1 x Safenja, 1 x Safenja's cloud squirrel, 1 x magic cauldron, gold, 1 x ladle, gold, 1 x bunch of herbs, 2 x berries

Schleich is a German producer of lovingly handpainted toy figurines and accessories. Start or continue your collection of these beautiful figurines. All Schleich figures have detailed modelling which allows children to learn as they play. Meeting all US and EU safety standards, these high quality Schleich figurines will last a lifetime.

  • Hand painted
  • 3+
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